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  • Picture on the ceiling with glow.
  • The photo of your choice to create a 100% personalized design.
  • You can also choose your display in our catalog.
  • We can print up to 3.2M.
  • Lacquered

  • Lacquered finish makes a mirror-effect on your ceiling.
  • Lacquered stretch ceilings with a high degree of light reflection, works as a very big mirror and enlarges the room space.
  • Seamless upto f.2m in width
  • Furthermore by reflecting lights it saves energy both in flat and 3D types.
  • 3D Design

    What you can imagine your mind we can make.


    The Translucent film of the stretch ceiling can be organically combined with various light systems (such as fluorescent lamp and neon light) to show perfect interior décor effect. Meanwhile, the default of heavy glass or organic glass, danger and small piece assembling are spumed, which has become the bright spot of new decoration

    Stretch Ceiling Technical Specification

    Stretch Ceilings Installation:-

    Stretch ceiling or decorative wall panel does not require extensive installation effort. The only preparation requirement that it applies to the house structure is that walls, ceiling or roof, and electrical wiring has to be finished before installation starts. The post-installation cleaning is not required, as stretch ceiling does not use adhesive materials, cement, paint etc. The process of installing the stretch ceiling products is streamlined and simple. The stretch ceiling membranes are usually extended by ~4% during the installation process. This guarantees that the membrane will remain flat and will not sag.


    Stretch Ceiling Energy Saving :-

    Manufactured with PVC material, the ceiling is provided with excellent insulation function, which can numerously lower the loss of interior temperature, especially the place where turn on air-condition frequently. Its principle is the same as diver wearing PVC divined to delay body temperature from losing in seawater. Furthermore, the surface of the ceiling is made by the principle of film screen. You will find numerous concave and wale if scrutinize surface, which are designed for the purpose of strengthening reflection. Therefore, we encourage the users to install wall lamp or reflection light for better illumination effect, which also reduces lamp quantity.





    Stretch ceiling system : Stretch ceiling for Home, Office, Residential Flat, Commercial, Corporate, Hotels & Restaurants, Conference Room, Meeting Room...


    PANDORA is an international quality Stretch Ceiling system in INDIA. PANDORA brand includes the full set of products which allow to realized any ideas in the stretch ceiling sphere from classic interior to sophisticated design product. The stretch ceiling is a modern and a high-tech way of the ceiling finishing which can realize any design ideas. PANDORA offers a high-quality PVC film and the additional components for ceiling installation. Stretch Ceiling… What is it ? PANDORA The Stretch ceiling is a thin but very strong PVC film stretched on the specially mounted frame. Stretched by heating with a hot air blower. Locked to proprietary PVC profiles fixed on the periphery of walls.


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